There are several elements that you get to choose about Your Character. This will change what you see in the Map and what you see in your Ministry ID.

Your Codename

This is your secret Code Name within the Ministry of Magic. Your Codename is one of the only things that can be seen by other players in the game.

  • When you share your Friend Code with others they will see your Codename in their list of Friends
  • When you join a Fortress Challenges others in the same Ruins Chamber as you will see your Codename

It is strongly recommended that you choose a Codename that has little to no markers to your real identity.

Avoid using things like...

  • Your last name
  • Your year of birth
  • Your date of birth
  • Your email address

Choose your Codename carefully as this can only be changed ONCE.

Your Name

Occasionally one of the Characters will refer to you by the chosen and/or family name you choose when conversing with you through the Dialogue as you progress through the Story.

Your Photo

Your Photo can only be seen by you. The game has a mini game where you can take a Selfie of yourself with various filters. This is a fun piece of interaction that can only ever be seen by you unless you export the final images and choose to share them in Social Media or the like. At the moment, even people that you are Friends with in the game cannot see your Ministry ID Photo.


When you begin the game your character's avatar in the Map will be wearing a Purple Robe. Once you choose a House your character's robe will change to match their house:

You can change your character's house at any time, however once you have chosen a house you can never regain your purple robe as you cannot cease to belong to any house.


The Profession listed on your Ministry ID will match the Profession you have active at the time.

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