Runestones are a resource that are consumed when participating in Fortress Challenges. They have two distinguishing features; level and type.


Each time you increase a Registry Level due to accumulating Family XP you will be awarded with Scrolls and a Runestone of that Family.

You can also obtain a collection of 10 Level 1 Runestones from Diagon Alley (the Shop). A Bag of Runestones can be purchased from Wiseacres for 40 Gold Coins.


Runestones are attached to the various Families within the Registry.

Brilliant Runestones

Each Brilliant Event awards Brilliant Runestones for that specific event. You can use Runestones from events that have ended, but they will only ever award the Brilliant Foundables for the event they are related to.

Eg. If you use a Potter's Calamity Runestone during the Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event, you won't receive a Trolley Witch. You may, if you are lucky, receive a Harry's Weasley Jumper instead.


There are ten levels of Runestones. As a Sunday 18th August only levels 1-5 are in game

Brilliant Runestone 01 Brilliant Runestone 02 Brilliant Runestone 03 Brilliant Runestone 04 Brilliant Runestone 05
Brilliant Runestone 06 Brilliant Runestone 07 Brilliant Runestone 08 Brilliant Runestone 09 Brilliant Runestone 10


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