Professions are one of the key features in the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. They are unlocked at Level 6 and you can change your Profession at any time.

How level up your Profession 

  1. Collect: Open Trace Treasure Trunks to get Scrolls. Open Wizarding Challenges Treasure Trunks to get Spell Books.
  2. Upgrade: Use Scrolls and Spell Books to gain expertise in Profession Lessons.
  3. Play: Unite with other witches and wizards to complete Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses.

List of professions

  • Aurors are combat veterans who defeat Foes by combining their innate leadership with a litany of debilitating spells. These Aurors fight the Foes, which include the Death Eaters.
  • Professors are highly adept spellcasters who use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate Foes while also supporting their Teammates. Professors help you with some spells during the game.
  • Magizoologists are in the care and preservation of magical creatures. In combat, they focus on healing and helping their Teammates.Dont forget they use dark magic. You can summon your creatures in battle.
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