Each Profession has a Lesson Plan that contains a skill tree of Lessons for you to develop for your character. Each time you lean a Lesson, you will progress through your skill tree, either increasing one of your Statistics, learning or improving a Charm or Hexe, or gaining a Passive Ability.

Lesson Plans

See Main Article: Lesson PlansAll Lessons are grouped in a Lesson Plan. Each Lesson Plan is specific to a Profession and only contains Lessons relevant to that Profession.


Spell Book
Restricted Section Book

To lean a Lesson, you will need Scrolls. Scrolls are obtained by increasing your level in the Exploration and Eventssections of the Registry.

Some Lessons may require Spell Books (AKA Red Books), while others may require Restricted Section Books (AKA Green Books).

Statistic Lessons

See Main Article: Statistics''Lessons that Improve a Statistic will have a round icon that signifies which Statistic that Lesson will improve.
Professor Power


Professor Accuracy

Precision (AKA Accuracy)

Professor Critical Power

Critical Power

Professor Defence Breach

Defence Breach

Professor Proficiency Power

Proficiency Power

Professor Stamina


Professor Defence
Professor Protego Power
Protego Power
Professor Deficiency Defence

Deficiency Defence


See Main Article: Charms

All three Professions have Charms...

Charm Magizoologist Initial Focus Effect
Profession icon
Focus Charm
Focus Charm 2* Transfer one Focus to a team mate Auror
Mending Charm
Mending Charm 0 Heal someone 2 - 4 pts of Stamina Magizoologist
Stamina Charm
Stamina Charm 2 Heal someone 15 - 30 % of their Stamina Magizoologist
Revive Charm
Revive Charm 1 Revive a team mate that is Knocked Out and restore 25 - 100% of their Stamina Magizoologist
Bravery Charm
Bravery Charm 7 Increase everyone's Power Vs Elite Foes by 60 - 100% Magizoologist
Mending Charm
Mending Charm 0 Heal someone 2 - 4 pts of Stamina Professor
Protection Charm
Protection Charm 3 Enhance someone's Defence by 12 - 30% Professor
Proficiency Charm
Proficiency PowerCharm 7 Improve everyone's Proficiency Power by 8 - 44% Professor

* One to cast the Charm, and one that is removed from you and transferred to your teammate


See Main Article: Hexes

Only Aurors and Professors have Hexes.

Charm Focus Effect Profession
Bat-Bogey Hex Damage a Foe by 2 - 4 points Auror
Weakening Hex Lower a Foe's Power by 30% Auror
The Confusion Hex Lowers a Foe's Defence, Dodge, and Defence Breach Auror
Deterioration Hex
Deterioration Hex Foe takes 20 - 40 points of Stamina each time you attack them and each time they attack you Professor
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