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Landmarks are a location on the Map that features a flag of one of the Exploration Families. Tap on the Flag to reveal the boundaries of the Landmarked Area.

While you are inside that highlighted area, you will encounter more Traces from that specific family.

Excluded Families: Oddities and Brilliant Foundables

There are no Landmarks for Oddities nor Brilliant Foundables. If you are looking for these specific Traces do not put up Dark Detectors within a Landmark as you will not get the results you are looking for. Instead, use Dark Detectors in an Inn that is not inside any Landmarks.

Where to Find Landmarks

The best way to find Landmarks of specific Exploration Families is to explore your local environment. Talk to other players and share information on where Landmarks for each of the Families are located.

Platform 13

Flag Dark Arts.png

If a Train Station has 13 or more platforms, the 13th Platform will be a Dark Arts Landmark.

Dog Parks

Flag Care of Magical Creatures.png

Most (not all, but most) Dog Off-Leash Parks will be a Landmark for Care of Magical Creatures.

Sporting Grounds

Flag Magical Games and Sports.png

Suburban Sporting Grounds and Playing Fields often Landmarks for Magical Games and Sports.


Contrary to what you might expect, Zoos are rarely Landmarks for Magizoology Foundables.