"As you walk around the world, you can collect Potion Ingredients. Once collected, Ingredients are stored in your Vault."

Ingredients are used to Brew Potions. Some Ingredients can only be found when it is sunny, raining, or dark, so make sure you go exploring at all times of the day and in all types of weather to find what you're looking for.

Name Conditions Growable Used to Brew...
Abraxan Hair Abraxan Hair No
Alihotsy Alihotsy No
Armadillo Bile Armadillo Bile
Ashwinder Egg Ashwinder Egg No
Bitter Root Bitter Root No
Bubotuber Pus Bubotuber Pus Yes
Butterscotch Butterscotch No
Chizpurfle Fang Chizpurfle Fang No
Dittany Dittany
Dragon Liver Dragon Liver
Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
Dragonfly Thorax Dragonfly Thorax
Dried Nettles Dried Nettles
Eel Eyes Eel Eyes
Fairy Wings Fairy Wings
Frog Brain Frog Brain
Ginger Root Ginger Root
Granian Hair Granian Hair
Ground Scarab Beetles Ground Scarab Beetles
Ground Unicorn Horn Ground Unicorn Horn
Hermit Crab Shell Hermit Crab Shell
Honeywater Honeywater
Horned Slug Horned Slug
Jobberknoll Feathers Jobberknoll Feathers
Lady's Mantle Lady's Mantle
Leaping Toadstool Leaping Toadstool
Leech Juice Leech Juice
Lovage Lovage
Newt Spleen Newt Spleen
Peacock Feather Peacock Feather
Powdered Dragon Claw Powdered Dragon Claw
Powdered Occamy Egg Shell Powdered Occamy Egg Shell
Re'em Blood Re'em Blood
Runespoor Eggs Runespoor Eggs
Scurvygrass Scurvygrass
Shrake Spine Shrake Spine
Sneezewort Sneezewort
Snowdrop Snowdrop
Sopophorous Bean Sopophorous Bean
Stag Horn Stag Horn
Stewed Mandrake Stewed Mandrake
Tincture of Demiguise Tincture of Demiguise
Unicorn Hair Unicorn Hair
Valerian Root Valerian Root
Vervain Infusion Vervain Infusion
Wormwood Wormwood
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