Want to contribute to this Wiki but you're unsure what you can/should do? Here's a list of tasks that need to be done. Some are a priority so that tables will auto-populate, some are tasks that will assist the Wiki to avoid duplicate images and the like. Regardless of what you choose, you'll be helping out. When you've completed a task come back and mark that the task has been completed.


  • Create a To Do List

To cross off a task, click on the A dropdown menu and select "Strikethrough".


The Foundables for Wonders of the Wizarding World need to be added to the Wiki. If a link below is in red it needs to have a page created for it.

Inbox for Foundables

Some modifications need to be made to this Infobox to show the following fields:

  • Time of Day
  • Weather
  • Confoundable


These are currently missing from the Wiki and need to be added.

Profession Lessons

Pages for each Lesson for all three Professions need to be added.

  • Lessons for Professors
  • Lessons for Magizoologists
  • Lessons for Professors
  • Each Lesson needs to have it's own page. Use Deterioration Hex Maxima as an example as to what the page should look like

SOS Assignments

We need to create a page for each SOS Assignment.


Spoiler Shield

We need a Spoiler Shield to hide things. Stuff like the dialogue boxes that appear after you've completed an SOS Assignment. For this to be done, we need some code added to the Wiki's Common.js file. I've put out a call to arms in this Discussion, and detailed what the code needs to be.

Once that's done, we can then create a Spoiler Shield.

Stub Template

This Template needs to be pimped up so that it stands out. Does anyone want to have a crack at this? Maybe put the text in a centre-aligned box with a thick border and format the text so that it stands out.


There are a LOT of Images from the game that are missing. These should be uploaded and then named and added to their relevant category per the Style Guide


Every Ingredient has their relevant Infobox on their page. Every Ingredient should be updated to show to include the code for whether or not an Ingredient can be grown in a Greenhouse.

Add the following code...


Image Categories

These help identify which images have already been uploaded and which ones are missing. They can also help identify duplicate images.

  • All images should be added to the Images Category
  • All Icons should be added to the Icons Category

Images should then be added to their relevant sub-category...

  • Ingredients Images
  • Seeds and Water Images
  • Character Images
  • Potion Images
  • Confoundable Images
  • Foundable Images
  • Item Images
  • Registry Images
  • Family Images
  • Resource Images

Inns, Fortresses, Greenhouses

Information on the inns, Fortresses and Greenhouses should be added

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