Page Names

All Pages should be named with the following guides...

  • Pages for Items would be singular
Eg: Healing Potion, not "Healing Potions"
  • Pages for Categories should be plural
    Eg: Potions not "Potion"
  • Use Title Case with articles (a, an, and, of, the, etc) in lower case

Page Sections

Different pages will have different requirements, but where possible the following sections should be added under headings on their relevant pages.

  • Acquisition
  • Hints and Tips
  • References*

* If you are not pulling information directly from the game, always credit information to the source from which you gained the information. We want to give credit where due to those that did the work. It also helps identify information that came directly from the Developers Vs information that has come from fan-sites like this Wiki.

Page Format

Sub Headings

SubHeadings should be in bold, as demonstrated within this page.

Bullet Points

Bullet Points should NOT have fullstops at the end of each point.


  • Point One
  • Point Two


  • Categories should always be plurals.
    Eg. Ingredients, not "ingredient". Characters, not "Character"
  • Categories should always be in Title Case, with articles (and, of, the, a, an, etc) in lower case


The Wiki has a finite amount of space for uploading images, thus it is important to avoid having duplicates of the same image. In order to prevent having duplicate images uploaded and to assist with coding, the following should be applied to any and all images that are uploaded.

  • Images should be named in Title Case, with articles (and, of, the, a, an, etc) in lower case
  • All Images should be added to the Images Category
  • Images should then be added to a relevant sub-category of images
Partly Cloudy Day
Eg. The image Partly Cloudy Day.png (pictured to the right) should be added to the Categories: Images, Icons, and Weather Icons
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