Greenhouses are a type of location on the map where you can harvest Ingredients for potions. Occiaionally you will also be awarded with Energy. Like Inns, you can collect from Greenhouses once every 5 minutes.

Greenhouses also have a pot available where you can plant Seeds to grow plant-based Ingredients.


To the right of the three pot plants will be an empty pot in which you can place Seeds and Water. Some Seeds will take 24 hours to grow, while others will take one or two. To harvest the plant, you must return to the Greenhouse when the timer runs out. The plant will be available for Harvest for 30 minutes once the timer has expired.

Increasing the Yield

While the seeds are growing anyone can help the seeds to grow by casting a spell that will increase the yield of the Seeds once they complete.

As a base, the Seeds will only produce 1 of the Ingredient planted. By casting a spell on the seeds you can increase the Seed's bounty to 2, 4, or 9. It takes 40 Energy to increase a yield from 1 to 9.


Red Flag

When you have collected from a Greenhouse a red flag will appear on the roof to indicate that you have to wait before you can collect from this Greenhouse again.

Green Swirls

If a Greenhouse is wreathed in green swirls then it means that seeds are growing in this Greenhouse. If you tap on the Greenhouse while it is in the distance, it will show you what is growing in the Greenhouse and how long it has to go until you can harvest from it.


You can harvest from a Greenhouse for up to 30 minutes after the seeds have completed growing. Once the plant has completed growing, it will appear on the ground outside the Greenhouse where you can collect it like you would any other Ingredient off the ground.

Everyone that visits the Greenhouse can collect the Harvest without depriving others of the bounty.

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