Brilliant Event 2019

Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna is a Foundable Event Hunt in the The Registry that ran while the game was being Beta tested in Australia and New Zealand, and then again once the game was released Worldwide.

Dates: 3 - 10 July 2019

Special Assignments

Like SOS Assignments, all three Event Tasks must be completed before you can continue to the next section and tackle those tasks.

If you complete a task BEFORE it is active it will not be marked as completed.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna I
1.1 Return 2 Foundables of any Family 2 Restricted Section Book
1.2 Unlock 1 Portmanteau 15 Brilliant Family
1.3 Dine at Inns 2 times 10 Brilliant Family
Rewards for Completion
500 XP 20 Brilliant Family XP 2 Restricted Section Book

Hints and Tips

Brilliant Buckbeak
Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump
Fantastic Flora and Fauna II
2.1 Recover 2 Brilliant Buckbeak Foundable Fragments 300 XP
2.2 Return 3 Magizoology Family Foundables 10 Brilliant Family
2.3 Perform 2 Great Spell Casts 15 Brilliant Family
Rewards for Completion
1 Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump 25 Brilliant Family 3 Restricted Section Book

Hints and Tips

  • If you're having trouble casting a Great Spell casts there are many tutorials on Youtube that will teach you how to cast a Masterful Spell Cast. This may help you undertstand how to perform a Great Spell Cast more often. Sometimes it can be helpful to see them being done rather than reading about how to do it
Brilliant Unicorn
Fantastic Flora and Fauna III
3.1 Return 7 Medium Threat Foundables 400 XP
3.2 Recover 2 Brilliant Unicorn Foundable Fragments 500 XP
3.3 Return 4 Care of Magical Creatures Family Foundable 15 Brilliant Family
Rewards for Completion
25 Brilliant Family 3 Restricted Section Book 2 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Hints and Tips

  • Brilliant Unicorns are High Threat Foundables and will count towards the Returning 5 Medium Threat Foundables task
  • Brilliant Buckbeaks are Medium Threat Foundables
  • You may be lucky in finding a Medium Threat Foundable while returning 4 Care for Magical Creatures Foundables
Brilliant Salamander
Fantastic Flora and Fauna IV
4.1 Unlock 5 Portkey Portmanteau 750 XP
4.2 Brew 7 Potions 10 Brilliant Family
4.3 Complete 3 Fortress Challenges 15 Brilliant Family
Rewards for Completion
5 Restricted Section Book 1 Brilliant Salamander 50 Gold Coin 1 Brilliant Beanie

Hints and Tips

  • Load up four Potions with faster brewing times before you go to bed, that way you should have four Potions completed when you wake up
  • If possible, wait to unlock your portkey portmanteaus until you reach this card. Additionally, it may be worth using a silver key or two on lower km portkeys to open them faster so you aren't stuck walking 10km (or 35km if you get stuck with all 7km Brilliant portkeys).

Special Event Foundables

These Foundables belong to the Brilliant Flora and Fauna Foundable Family. They will be added to the Brilliant Forbidden Forest page in The Registry.

Foundables obtained from opening a Portkey can only be obtained from Portmantaus that are found during the event.

Foundable Location
Brilliant Buckbeak
Brilliant Buckbeak In the Wild
Brilliant Salamander
Brilliant Salamander Event Task Reward
Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump
Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump Event Task Reward
Brilliant Snargaluff
Brilliant Snargaluff Portkey
Brilliant Unicorn
Brilliant Unicorn In the Wild
Brilliant Young Acromantula
Brilliant Young Acromantula Fortress Challenge using a Fantastic Flora and Fauna Runetone

Registry Ranks

This event will give you opportunities to increase your rank in the Brilliant Family within the Registry.

Hints and Tips

  • Hoard Silver Keys in preparation of this event
  • Make sure you always have at least one empty slot to collect Portmanteaus so that you can keep collecting the Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus while the event is active
  • Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus will sit in your Portkey inventory bar until unlocked and opened, even if the event is over. However the rewards will not contribute towards Event Tasks unless opened during the event
  • Tasks won't be marked as "Completed" until you have collected the reward(s), so make sure you collect your rewards ASAP so that new tasks can become available sooner rather than later
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