Experience Points (XP) is the measure of how much you have participated within the game. However, there are several different types of Experience Points you can obtain in the game.

This page gives a brief overview of the different types. Go to the page for each specific type for more information about that type of XP.

Wizarding XP


Wizarding XP is awarded for completing an array of actions within the game.

The Wizarding XP you have earned determines what Level your Witch/Wizard is, and thus which functions within the game you will have access to.

For example, you cannot Brew Potions until you reach Level 4, and you cannot choose a Profession until you reach Level 6.

The following activities do not appear to give you XP...

Exploration XP

Whenever you return a Foundable or complete a Fortress Challenge with a standard Runestone, you will gain Exploration XP for the family the Foundable and/or Runestone is associated with.

Care of Magical Creatures
Dark Arts
Hogwarts School
Legends of Hogwarts
Ministry of Magic
Magical Games and Sports
Mysterious Artefacts
Wonders of the Wizarding World

Event XP

Brilliant Events

Event XP is gained whenever you complete actions related to Brilliant Events. Each Brilliant Event has its own XP specific to that event.

Challenge XP


Whenever you complete a Fortress Challenge, regardless of whether you were victorious or defeated, you will be awarded with Challenge XP

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