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Template:Item Dark Detectors are items that assist Witches and Wizards to detect lies and the presence of threats and/or enemies.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a Dark Detector can reveal more Traces created by the Calamity.

Effect: Reveal more Traces.

Chances that said Traces will be High, Severe, and/or Emergency Threat Level Foundables is greatly increased

Time: 30 mins

The effects from each Dark Detector is cumulative, but each individual Dark Detector has its own expiry.

The first time a Dark Detector is placed the Inn will gain a yellow swirl around it, signalling to all players that can see the Inn on their map that a Dark Detector has been placed at that Inn and thus more Traces will be revealed near that Inn.

A second Dark Detector placed at the same Inn will create a blue swirl in addition to the yellow one.

A third Dark Detector placed at the same Inn will create a red swirl in addition to the yellow and blue ones.

Up to three Dark Detectors can be used at a single Inn. Dark Detectors are most effective if they are placed in an Inn by three different people (rather than all three being placed by the same person).


Dark Detectors are activated by being placed in an Inn. Enter an Inn and you will see at the bottom of the screen an icon for the meals area, and an icon for the Dark Detector. There you will see a green button with a Dark Detector Image. Tap on that button to place a Dark Detector.

NOTE: All players can see the Username of the player that placed each Dark Detector in an Inn if they enter the Inn and look at the Dark Detector room.


  • Gain 1 when you start playing the game for the first time
  • Gain 1 the first time you visit the Dark Detector room in an Inn
  • Gain 1 as a Daily Treasure on the 14th day that you log in
  • Gain 1 Dark Detector each time you gain a Wizarding Level
  • Possible reward for completing a Special Assignment
  • Gain 1 as reward for returning a Foundable (very rare)
  • Purchase a single Dark Detector at Wiseacres in Diagon Alley for Gold Coin.png120
  • Purchase a pack of three Dark Detectors at Wiseacres in Diagon Alley for Gold Coin.png325

Hints and Tips

  • It is better to have three different people place a single Dark Detector, than to have one person add all three to a single Inn
  • Get together with other players and combine your use of Dark Detectors to complete Special Assignments for Events that require returning large numbers of High Threat Level Foundables

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