Daily Treasure
"In appreciation of your commitment to the cause, the Ministry provides a Daily Treasure to help you combat the Calamity. Stop by every day to collect your treasure."
- Daily Treasure Info

Daily Treasures reset on the first day of each month. If you miss logging into the game and don't collect your daily treasure, when you log back in you then collect the next treasure you were up to last. That is, you don't skip daily treasures in the month's progression.

July 2019

5 Energy 150 XP 2 Exstimulo Potion 20 Gold Coin 200 XP 1 Mystery Box 1 Leaping Toadstool
30 Gold Coin 250 XP 5 8 Energy 300 XP 1 Mystery Box 1 Dark Detector
40 Gold Coin 350 XP 2 Healing Potion 11 Energy 400 XP 1 Mystery Box 3 Spell Books
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