Daily Assignments Completed
"Each day the Ministry curates a list of Daily Assignments for you to focus your efforts against the Calamity. Complete these Assignments successfully and you'll be rewarded. Check back every day for new opportunities to prove yourself a valuable member of the Task Force."

Daily Assignments are the developer's way of encouraging players to engage with all the functions within the game. Daily Assignments and their rewards are the same each day and reset at midnight each day. You must have completed the Daily Assignment AND have collected reward before this time.

There are seven Daily Assignments with a bonus reward if you complete all seven Assignments.



Complete All Tasks in this Daily Assignment +8 Coins
Return 10 Foundables +1 Strong Exstimulo Potion
Dine at Inns 2 Times +3 Granian Hair
Pick Up 1 Ingredient or Portmanteau on the Map +10 Energy
Brew 1 Potion +2 Scrolls
Use 1 Potion +2 Scrolls
Walk 0.25 Kilometres +250 XP
Complete 1 Wizarding Challenge +2 Coins
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