See also, Combat in Fortress Challenges

Combat occurs when attempting to return Foundables from the Oddities Family, and when tackling a Fortress Challenge.


  • Tap on the screen near the tip of the wand - the point where you're aiming will appear on the screen in another location, usually higher up the screen
  • Move your finger around until that aiming point is lined up with the targeting point in front of the Foe

Damage Inflicted

The amount of damage you inflict in determined by your Profession, which Lessons you have mastered, which Charms have been cast upon you (on yourself or by a team mate), and if you have consumed any Potions.

Exstimulo Potion Exstimulo Potion 6%
Strong Exstimulo Potion Strong Exstimulo Potion 15%
Potent Exstimulo Potion Potent Exstimulo Potion 42%
Wit-Sharpening Potion Wit-Sharpening Potion 50%

Vs Elite Foes Only

Accumulative with Exstimulo


It does not cost Spell Energy to cast Protego, but it will cost Spell Energy to cast attacks.

What is Progeto you ask, well, Progeto is a shield spell. It depends on what console you are using to cast the spell.

Combat in Fortress Challenges

See also, Combat in Fortress Challenges

Combat in Fortress Challenges has a few more levels of complexity to it. Strategic Spells (Charms and Hexes) can help improve players' attacks and defence, or to hinder Foes' attacks and/or defence. What is Progeto? Well, Progeto is a shield. Always use this if your being attacked.


Hints and Tips

  • Sometimes a Foe will attack twice in a row and you will not be able to consume a Healing Potion in between these attacks
  • Sometimes you will be able to attack twice in a row. Always try to attack twice to benefit from these opportunities
  • If you would like to, cast Progeto, then consume a Healing potion
    Harry casting the Shield Charm
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