Brilliant Events

Brilliant Events • Fantastic Flora and Fauna Gray • Potter's Calamity Gray • Back to Hogwarts Gray • Fighting Forces Gray • Stronger United Gray • Christmas Calamity Gray • Darkest of Times Gray • Lost Love Gray • Circus Calamitous Gray • Burrow Besieged Gray

Brilliant Events are a type of Event that last for several days. While active, players will be able to complete special Tasks for special rewards, like Restricted Section Books, unique Foundables to place in the Registry, and special filters for your Portrait for your Ministry ID.

Event Tasks

Like SOS Assignments, all three Event Tasks must be completed before you can continue to the next section and tackle those tasks.

If you complete a task BEFORE it is active it will not be marked as completed.

Unique Foundables

Standard Foundable Brilliant Foundable
Brilliant Buckbeak

Each Brilliant Event will have a selection of Foundables that are unique to that event. Some will are obtained via Traces, others by opening Portals, some by completing Fortress Challenges, and others by completing Event Tasks.

Foundables that are obtained via Traces are usually reskins of existing Foundables that have had a purple sparkle added to them to distinguish them from their standard counterpart. To date, all other Brilliant Event Foundables have been unique, while still having the purple sparkle to signify that they are a Brillant Event Foundables.

Registry Ranks

Brilliant Events

Each Brilliant event will give you opportunities to increase your rank in the Brilliant Family related to that Brilliant Event within the Registry. While the event is active the icon depicting the Family XP will be per the Brilliant Family icon (pictured right). Once the event has completed your ranks for that Family will show in the Registry under their unique Family icon.

List of Brilliant Events

Brilliant Fantastic Flora and Fauna Fantastic Flora and Fauna Fantastic Flora and Fauna
Brillant Potter's Calamity Potter's Calamity Potter's Calamity
Brilliant Back to Hogwarts Back to Hogwarts Back to Hogwarts
Fighting Forces I
Fighting Forces Fighting Forces
Stronger United Stronger United Stronger United
Christmas Calamity I Christmas Calamity Christmas Calamity
Darkest of Times I Darkest of Times Darkest of Times
Lost Love I Lost Love
Lost Love
Circus Calamitous Part I Circus Calamitous
Circus Calamitous
Burrow Besieged Part I Burrow Besieged
Burrow Besieged

Hints and Tips

  • Hoard Silver Keys so that you can quickly complete Event Tasks that require multiple Portkey Portmanteau to be unliocked
  • Tasks won't be marked as "Completed" until you have collected the reward(s), so make sure you collect your rewards ASAP so that new tasks can become available sooner rather than later
  • Make sure you always have at least one empty slot to collect Portmanteaus so that you can keep collecting the Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus while the event is active
  • Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus will sit in your Portkey inventory bar until unlocked and opened, even if the event is over
  • Portals that are opened from Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus after the event has completed will reward you with the Brilliant Foundable associated with that event, even if you open it while another Brilliant Event is active

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