Wizzards Unite Potions
Brew Potions by combining Ingredients and setting them to simmer in a cauldron. You can queue up multiple Potions to brew in succession.
Each Potion has a set of Master Notes - gestures that allow you to brew more effectively. Experiment with different gestures to find the proper sequence. After three successful attempts a Potion's Master Note is permanently added to its recipe fore you to reference.

Brewing Potions is unlocked at Level 4. Witches and Wizards will gain access to a steel Cauldron in which up to four potions can be queued.

  • Ingredients are removed from your Vault as soon as you queue a potion
  • Once a potion has completed brewing the next potion will automatically start brewing
  • The time it takes to brew a Potion can be decreased by stirring the Cauldron
  • A Potion's Master Notes details the stirring gestures needed to decrease brewing time

A Gold Cauldron can be rented temporarily by spending Coins.

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