Badges are an aspect of the game that you can earn through gameplay and display on your Ministry ID.

Some Badges are earned by completing Achievements, while others are earned by completing the Special Assignments for Events.

Use the title underneath the images below to add one of these Badges to your Ministry ID template on your profile page.

Achievement Badges

Basic Activity

Badge SOS
Badge Reach Level 30
Reach Level 30
Badge Countries Visited 1
Countries Visited I
Badge Inns Dined At I
Inns Dined at I
Badge Greenhouses Harvested I
Greenhouses Harvested I
Badge Portkey Portmanteaus Opened III
Portmanteaus Opened III


Badge Spells Cast Successfully III
Spells Cast Successfully III
Badge Masterful Spell Cast II
Masterful Spell Cast II.png
Badge Strategic Spells Cast II
Strategic Spells Cast II


Badge Potion Ingredients Found III
Potion Ingredients Found III
Badge Potions Brewed III
Potions Brewed III
Badge Potions Used in Traces II
Potions Used in Traces II
Badge Exstimulo Potions Used III
Exstimulo Potions Used III
Badge Baruffio's Brain Elixir Used II
Badge Baruffio's Brain Elixir II


Badge Foes Defeated III
Foes Defeated III
Badge Elite Foes Defeated III
Elite Foes Defeated III
Badge Potions Used in Challenges II
Potions Used in Challenges II

Dark Detectors

Badge Dark Detectors Placed I
Dark Detectors Placed I
Badge Dark Detectors Placed II
Dark Detectors Placed II
Badge Dark Detectors Placed III
Dark Detectors Placed III

Mystery Items

Badge Mystery Items Found I
Mystery Items Found I
Badge Mystery Items Found II
Mystery Items Found II
Badge Mystery Items Found III
Mystery Items Found III


Badge Auror Lessons Mastered I
Auror Lessons Mastered I
Badge Auror Lessons Mastered II
Auror Lessons Mastered II
Badge Auror Lessons Mastered III
Auror Lessons Mastered III
Badge Magizoologist Lesson Mastered I
Magizoologist Lessons Mastered I
Badge Magizoologist Lesson Mastered II
Magizoologist Lessons Mastered II
Badge Magizoologist Lesson Mastered III
Magizoologist Lessons Mastered III
Badge Professor Lesson Mastered I
Professor Lessons Mastered I
Badge Professor Lesson Mastered II
Professor Lessons Mastered II
Badge Professor Lesson Mastered III
Professor Lessons Mastered III

Profession Lesson Plans

Badge Auror Lesson Plans Completed III
Auror Lesson Plans Completed III
Badge Magizoologist Lesson Plans Completed III
Magizoologist Lesson Plans Completed III
Badge Professor Lesson Plans Completed III
Professor Lesson Plans Completed III

Event Badges

Brilliant Events

Badge Fighting Forces
Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces
Badge Stronger United
Brilliant Event: Stronger United
Badge Christmas Calamity
Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity
Badge Darkest of Times

Brilliant Event: Darkest of Times

Badge Lost Love

Brilliant Event: Lost Love

Badge Circus Calamitous

Brilliant Event: Circus Calamitous

Special Events

Badge Finish Questline Fan Festival 2019
Fan Festival 2019.png
Badge Fan Festival Indianapolis 2019
Fan Festival Indianapolis 2019
Badge Global Event 2019
Global Event 2019
Badge Breaker of Basilisks
Breaker of Basilisks
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